• While side tables are often relegated to the side of your bed or your sofa, when you invest in a quality and attractive table from The New Traditionalists then you will want to show off your new furniture, which means that you will want to consider other uses. By taking your side table out of the traditional place where they are typically set and allowing them to become the star of the room, you can make sure that everyone gets to enjoy your new piece. This is a great way to get a lot of function and use out of your new side table and to allow it to add to the décor and style of your home.

    Push Them Together

    If you have a few smaller tables and need a larger surface, then you can easily put them in the same area of your room, push them together, and create a larger table or bench. This is ideal if you are going to be hosting a larger party and want to make sure that you have a place for storing and displaying food or decorations. Because you can then pull your tables apart and put them back in their usual places, you don’t have to worry about being able to find room in your home for a larger table.

    Use Them in the Kitchen

    Not all kitchens have enough space in them for an island, but most home cooks do wish that they had more storage and workspace. Using a side table in the kitchen is a great way to add a little additional space to your kitchen. You can use your side table to store a toaster, coffee pot, or dishes for your next meal. This allows you to free up your countertops so that you can easily spread out and use all of the space that you need when rolling out dough or preparing for a meal.

    Store Your Plants

    If you love plants and want to display them around the home, but you don’t have dedicated plant stands, then you may want to consider using a side table. Because they are often smaller than other types of tables, they will generally fit easily into locations in your home where you want to put a plant but don’t have enough room for a large table. Additionally, because they often have storage space on shelves or in drawers, you can easily stash pruners or other items that you need to take care of your plants inside.

    As you can see, using a side table in other areas of your home is a great idea. These tables are incredibly versatile, and when you choose options that are not only functional, but also attractive, you will want to display them in your home. Make sure that when you invest in a new side table for your house, you choose one that will not only provide you with the storage space that you need, but that you find attractive so that you will be happy with it on display. Consider the various areas in your home where you can use a side table, and you can easily customize the feel and flow of your house.