• No bedroom is complete without a nightstand, as these pieces of furniture provide you with a place to put your glasses, phone, a glass of water, and jewelry. Making sure that everything is close to your bed will allow you to sleep relaxed, knowing that you can get to any of your items when necessary in the middle of the night and when you first wake up. Rather than buying a nightstand from a big box store and hoping that it will look okay in your bedroom, it’s a better idea to opt for a custom nightstand. When you work with the professionals at ducduc, you will enjoy a piece as unique as you are.

    More Than Just Storage

    A great nightstand does much more than simply provide you with a little additional storage space in your room. While this may be the main reason why you are putting a nightstand next to the bed, most people quickly see that they are more than just a drawer and shelf. A great nightstand can actually tie together the space, linking the bed to the rest of the furniture and ensuring that the room looks cohesive and well thought out. This is a great way to deal with a room that may otherwise look scattered. Using a nightstand to tie together a room is a wonderful way to create a calm and comfortable escape from the rest of the house.

    Show Your Design Personality

    The great thing about opting for a nightstand that was custom made for you is that you can choose not only the design of the nightstand, but also the colors and any additional details. From selecting an outline that you find attractive and that complements the rest of your space to choosing the colors of your new nightstand, this piece of furniture will really be yours. Anyone who wants to show off their ability to design furniture will appreciate starting with a nightstand, as they are small enough to not be overwhelming, but play a huge role in the bedroom, making them an important piece.

    The Details Matter

    It’s the small details, such as a pop of bright pink on the inside of a drawer or unique and fun drawer pulls that really make a nightstand unique and allow it to fit perfectly in a room. The bedroom is a private space, which is why so many people like to experiment with their furniture in this safe place. No matter how comfortable you are with interesting pulls, chunky drawers, or pops of color, playing around in the bedroom is a great way to learn about how details on furniture matter.

    A nightstand that is custom made for your room will not only perfectly fit the space, but also your needs. From multiple drawers to open storage, it’s easy to find the right nightstand for your room when you work with a professional who specializes in creating custom furniture for their clients, allowing you to express yourself and get the piece you need.