• The right side tables in New York make it easy to have a space to place your book or drink when sitting on your sofa or favorite chair, but many people do not consider the importance of the design of this piece of furniture. The experts at The New Traditionalists have uncovered the secret to designing and building side tables that are as attractive and breathtaking as they are functional and are able to help their customers design the right side table for their needs. Buying a stylish side table from them ensures that you not only have space for storage, but also that this piece of furniture will not get lost in a room full of incredible pieces.

    Think About Your Storage Needs

    Depending on your needs, you may want a side table that offers storage in addition to what is provided on the top of the table. While a tall pedestal side table is very airy and elegant and will make your room feel visually lighter, if you need more storage options, then you will want to choose one with drawers or shelves. Drawers are a wonderful way to make sure that you can quickly hide your clutter, while open shelves give you the perfect place to put items on display.

    Consider Your Style

    Your personal style will play a huge role in what side table you choose for your living room. Whether you want your side tables to really pop and are interested in a piece that is a bright color with bold brass pulls or you are interested in a more muted, natural color, the perfect side table for your personal style does exist. By working with an expert to determine which incredible side table best suits your style and will fit your space, you will enjoy the feeling of a quality side table that perfectly matches your style and the aesthetic of your home.

    Choose a Custom Piece

    The details matter when you are choosing a side table, which is why you will want to pay attention to considerations like the color of the inside of your drawers, what leather or fabric to use, and even the dimensions of the side table. There’s no way to buy a side table that will more perfectly fit your space than having one made to your exact specifications. Taking the time to consider your needs and making sure that you love all of the details on your new side table ensures that it will be a piece that you will enjoy for a long time.

    Side tables are more than just a place to put your drink. They are a major design point in your living room, which is why you want to really think about the style of your new table before you buy it. When you work by yourself, you will find that it’s impossible to plan and design your own side table, but by teaming up with a professional, you will be able to rely on their expertise to bring your dreams to life.