• Every nursery needs to have a changing table so that parents will have a safe and secure place to change and dress their child, but this doesn’t mean that fashion conscious parents need to buy a low-quality piece that will ruin the design and style of the space. When parents spend a little more time researching quality baby changing tables and opt to work with a company that focuses on creating quality pieces, then they can enjoy an attractive piece that will last for years to come. Shopping with ducduc ensures that parents will have access to unique changing tables that are safe, attractive, and durable.

    Make Sure the Piece You Choose Will Last

    One mistake that many new parents make when choosing furniture for a nursery is to opt for disposable furniture that won’t last very long. This is a shame, because it means that furniture is wasted, it’s not high-quality, and it won’t add a lot of value and beauty to the nursery. Just because a child is potty-trained doesn’t mean that the changing table will be disposed of, as it can be used as the child grows. Durable pieces made from hardwood can be used as a dresser throughout your child’s life.

    Keep Your Child Safe

    Safety is paramount when choosing a changing table, as you have to make sure that your child won’t ever be in danger of physical harm. Not only do you need to look for a changing table that has safety straps so you can secure your child to the table during changing, but you need to choose a table that can be mounted to the wall. This will prevent toddlers from trying to climb the furniture and pulling it down on themselves. As children get older, parents will love ouchless drawers that close slowly and prevent children getting their fingers pinched. Safety is important at all ages, which is why it’s so important to choose a changing table that offers safety features for kids of all ages.

    Consider the Décor

    In addition to safety and longevity, it’s a good idea to look for a changing table that will fit the décor of the bedroom. Custom changing tables are the best option because they can be designed to match or complement the colors in the room. Both the exterior of the changing table as well as the inside of the drawers can be painted. A bright pop of color on the inside of the changing table will make diaper changes that much enjoyable and is a great way to coordinate a space.

    It’s important for parents to realize that changing tables are much more than simply a flat surface on which they can change a dirty diaper. These tables are pieces of furniture that can grow with a child, and they will provide storage for clothing as well as a place to display favorite toys and pictures. Choosing a changing table that will meet current and future needs ensures that it will last for a long time and that you’ll get a lot of use out of it.