• Side tables often get relegated to the end of the sofa, covered with magazines and remotes, and end up with water rings on the top from drinks being carelessly placed on them without the protection of coasters. This is a shame, as side tables offer many benefits and can be used throughout the home in various ways. When you are in the market for high-quality side tables in NY that are designed to fit with your lifestyle and add to the beauty and décor of your home, then it’s time to shop with The New Traditionalists. This will make it easy for you to buy new side tables that will fit your lifestyle and meet your needs.

    Replace Your Bookcase

    Not all homes or apartments have room in them for bookcases, as these pieces of furniture tend to be very large and take up a lot of room. This is unfortunate, as a great bookcase not only provides storage but can add to the glamour and interest of a room. Rather than giving up on having a dedicated place to store books, side tables can easily be used instead. Look for a side table that has open shelving, as this will allow you to see the books that you have on display. A drawer is a good idea, as you can store some items out of sight.

    Add Storage to Your Home Office

    People who work from home have to have a home office in order to keep everything neat and organized, but a flat desk isn’t the best option. Instead of relying on bins on the desk, which get easily cluttered and dusty, adding one or two side tables to the space will allow you to have the storage that you need and keep it stylish. As an added benefit, a printer or a plant can be stored on top, which will free up even more space on the desk.

    Use Them as a Nightstand

    Many times nightstands are big and bulky and can visually weigh down a room. Rather than dealing with this, opting for an airy and light nightstand will allow you space to put your phone, glasses, and wallet without giving up too much space. The right side table for you may or may not offer hidden storage, depending on your needs, but it will help you keep items within reach from your bed. For a unique and open look, choose ones with a small base or thin legs, as they will allow light and air to travel around them and won’t appear too heavy or bulky.

    It’s time to think outside of the box when you are considering how to use your new side table in your home. While they are most commonly used in the family or living room, that doesn’t mean that these incredible pieces of furniture need to stay there. Thanks to the durability and versatility of these tables, they can easily provide storage in a few different areas of the home, which will help you find and embrace your own unique style.