• Even new parents know that a great changing table is important to change diapers and keep wipes close to hand, but this important piece of furniture can do much more than simply support a baby during midnight changes. Changing Tables come in a wide range of styles and quality, and parents who want a piece of furniture that is as attractive and appealing as it is durable and functional will want to consider buying their changing table from ducduc. Parents who do will enjoy high-quality furniture that is built to last and will ensure that they are working with an eco-friendly company who will put the safety of their baby first.

    Make Sure the Table Fits the Space

    More and more parents are treating nurseries as an extension of their home, which means that they are putting a lot of effort and thought into the design process. The result is gorgeous nurseries that are timeless and attractive. By working with a custom furniture company, you can make sure that you are able to choose not only the finish on the changing table, but also any hidden pops of color inside the drawers and how many drawers the piece has.

    Make Safety the Top Priority

    Unfortunately, not all changing tables are as safe as they should be, which means that babies can be at risk of being injured when they are on the table. It’s important that parents look for tables with safety features including a solid construction to prevent the table from tipping over. Other great features include optional wall mounts to keep the heavy furniture anchored to the wall and ouchless drawers. These close on their own and will prevent children from accidentally pinching their fingers when they are exploring. While fun colors will update a table, it’s imperative to look for water-based paints that won’t make your child sick if they ingest anything.

    Choosing Quality Pieces

    Finally, while it may seem like a good idea to try to save some money on a changing table by buying one at a discount, it’s actually a much better idea to buy a quality piece that will last for years, even though this generally means spending a little more upfront. Quality pieces that are made from hardwood and have high-quality hardware will last for a lot longer. When your child is potty-trained, then the piece can function as a dresser, which is perfect for use for years to come as children get older.

    A changing table isn’t just a piece of furniture that will be used for a few years and then discarded. By paying special attention to the quality of the piece you’re going to buy and by making sure that it not only fits your current needs, but can also meet your needs in the future, you can make sure that you buy a great changing table that will last. By working with a company that makes custom changing tables, you can remove the stress of shopping and buy one that will provide your family with space and support for years to come.