• Even if you only spend time in your bedroom when you are sleeping, you are going to want to make sure that you have a nightstand by the bed to hold your phone, glasses, book, and a glass of water. Having a nightstand within easy reach allows you to access whatever you need without getting up from bed. Some people think that since they don’t spend a lot of time in their bedrooms that they don’t need a great nightstand. However, having a custom nightstand made by the experts at ducduc won’t just provide you with a place to stash your favorite items.

    You’ll Finish the Room

    Putting a bed in a bedroom and thinking that it is finished can result in a plain and boring space that is drag and uninspired. Rather than leaving your space looking unfinished, when you invest in a unique nightstand, then it can really pull everything together. One of the best features of having a nightstand custom made for you is that you can easily choose the silhouette of the piece. This allows you to opt for a more substantial and traditional design or something a little lighter and modern, depending on the style and décor of your bedroom.

    It Expresses Your Personality

    Custom nightstands are also popular because they can be so easily made to match a person’s unique personality. From pops of color inside the drawers to swinging doors instead of drawers, nightstands are now unique. Look for gorgeous wood grain if you want something that feels natural and simple or opt for bold and bright colors if you prefer something that can easily stand out in your space. Because there are a myriad of customization options to choose from, it is possible for everyone to have a nightstand that perfectly meets their needs and aesthetics.

    It Can Become a Focal Point

    Nightstands aren’t just handy to have by the bed. When you make bold design decisions, then they can be used to not only balance out the room, but also to become a focal point if you need something with a little more pizzazz and personality. Hot pink or royal blue doors, circle pulls, and bright glossy finishes all prevent the nightstand from receding into the background and make it really stand out. In this way, a customized nightstand can not only change the function of a room, but also the way that it feels and how it appears.

    There are a lot of details to choose from when customizing a nightstand, but all of them will work together to create a unique piece that is truly one-of-a-kind. When designing a custom piece for your bedroom or for your child’s, make sure that not only will it fit into the space, but also that it will add presence and interest. This will prevent the space from being boring and will inspire anyone who enters the bedroom, while at the same time offering all of the hidden and open storage that you need.