• A changing table is a necessary piece of furniture for any nursery, but that doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice design when choosing the changing table you want. While it is easy to buy changing tables in a local store or to get them secondhand from another parent, when you want a piece of furniture that is attractive, well designed, and will last for years, then you need to make sure that you buy a quality changing table from ducduc. By setting the bar high for their competitors and constantly striving to improve their pieces and their quality, they have created unique changing tables that are attractive, functional, and safe.

    Safety Matters When Buying for Your Child

    No parent wants to think that they may ever do anything to put their child at harm, but when you buy lower-quality furniture for your nursery that is exactly what you may be doing without knowing it. That’s why you want to make sure to only buy a changing table that has been painted with child-safe paint, as children are prone to put everything in their mouths. Low-VOC and non-toxic finishes will help to keep your child safe. Additionally, since children will try to climb as they get older, strapping your changing table to the wall will help to keep them safe, and these changing tables come with optional straps so that you can easily mount the changing table to the wall. Ouchless drawers will close slowly so that your child doesn’t have their fingers pinched when trying to pull out their clothes.

    Choose Furniture for Longevity

    The furniture you buy your infant should last them for years and not have to be discarded just because they are potty-trained. These changing tables can easily convert to a dresser by removing the changing tray from the top. This is a great way to save money when designing your nursery and your child’s room while still getting the perfect piece of furniture for each stage in their life. Because these changing tables are made from durable hardwood, they will last for years and can even go to college as a functional and cute dresser.

    Make Sure Your New Changing Table Fits in the Nursery

    Rather than designing your nursery around your furniture, custom changing tables will fit into your space perfectly because you can choose their color scheme. Make sure that you love the finish choice before making your purchase and then opt for a brighter color to be painted on the interior drawers. This will add a pop of color that is sure to make you smile when you’re in the middle of midnight diaper changes. This color can coordinate with the rest of the nursery to tie all of your design together.

    A great changing table is more than simply a place where you can safely change your child’s diaper. It’s a piece of furniture that will last as your child grows, ensuring that you always have a perfect place to store their clothes and display their knickknacks and photographs. By choosing a changing table that has been built to last, you can rely on the same piece of furniture for years.