• Every child loves having books in their room and needs a piece of furniture that can be used to store all of their books, as well as some knickknacks. Without the right storage option it is easy for a bedroom to become a mess, which is why parents need to buy a great bookshelf to help their child organize their space. Rather than running out and buying the first bookshelf on the market, parents can find a piece of furniture that will improve the appearance of their child’s bedroom while still offering them plenty of storage when they buy from ducduc.

    Choose a Style That Works for You

    Unlike other bookshelves that are only available in one or two styles, you’ll be able to custom design your bookshelf so that you can be sure it will meet the needs of your child. No matter if you want open shelving, included cubbies with doors, or a system that can be taken apart and separated to create multiple smaller bookshelves, you can have it all.

    Buying a bookshelf combo allows parents to choose how they want to put together a selection of cubbies and bases. If, however, you want something with less design required on your part, then opting for taller, open shelving is a good idea. These bookshelves are available in single or double wide so you can choose the perfect size for your child’s room.

    Update Your Piece to Make it Unique

    Not only will you have complete control over the color that you choose for your child’s bookshelf, but there are additional updates and chances that you can make to ensure that your child will love and will use their new furniture. By opting for a cubby system that doubles as a bookshelf, you can choose from open cubbies or ones with doors. Touch latch doors ensure that your child won’t accidentally pinch their fingers, and double cubbies act as a media unit with a sliding door. Being able to put your new bookshelf together in a way that will improve the space of your child’s room and offer them storage will ensure that they actually try to keep their books and toys off of the floor.

    As Always, Quality Matters

    Quality and safety are key when choosing a bookshelf for your child, which is why you’ll love these options. Not only is everything finished with low-VOC, water-based, non-toxic options to keep your children safe, but the wood is hardwood that has been sustainably sourced so your new bookshelf will last for a long time.

    When you’re serious about storage, but don’t want to sacrifice design or quality, then it’s time to consider what really sets great bookshelves for kids apart from their lesser counterparts. Customization, safety, and design quality are all key and will ensure that the new bookshelf you buy will last for years without being damaged or losing its appeal. Choose a bookshelf system that can be designed to fit the needs of your child so you can adjust it as they grow and their needs change. From bug collections to yearbooks, a great bookshelf will grow with your kids.