• While many people think that buying bar stools NY is easy, there are actually a few things that you will want to consider to ensure that you choose the right bar stools for your home. No matter if you are going to use your new stools in a bar, in your kitchen by the island, or simply for additional seating when you have large parties, it’s important to always buy your furniture from a high-quality company such as The New Traditionalists. This will ensure not only that you get exceptional furniture that is built to last but also that it will fit your style and your home.

    Look at the Back Shape

    One of the most important design features to consider when shopping for new bar stools is the back. The back of a stool plays a huge role not only in the final appearance of the stool but also how comfortable it is for you to sit on for long periods of time. Lower backs look great and fit into most home bars easily but may not offer the support that you want. Higher-backed bar stools provide more support but are more casual, which means that they may not be the best choice in a formal home bar.

    Consider Upholstery Choices

    The upholstery of your bar stools is one way to really make an impression on anyone coming to your home. There are many different upholstery types, colors, and patterns to choose from, which means that you can easily opt for the upholstery that matches your home and your personality. From shiny leather that is easy to wipe clean to softer fabrics, you can easily create the bar stool of your dreams when you work with a company that performs custom work. The upholstery is going to be one of the first things that people notice about your new bar stools, which is why it’s so important.

    Make it Your Own

    The best way to make sure that you really love your new bar stool is to consider the special details that set it apart from other options on the market. This goes beyond classic joinery construction and high-quality medium density foam cushions. Special touches such as corset stitch detailing, perfect foot rests, and the choice of maple, oak, or black walnut wood will help you make your new bar stools as unique as you are. Additionally, consider tufting in the leather back and the height of your new stools as these will also serve to set them apart from others that you may see.

    Your new bar stools shouldn’t just be functional; they should also be comfortable, easy to relax in, and unique. Having custom-made bar stools that are designed and produced specifically for you and for your home is the best way to make sure that you love their design, how they feel, and how they fit into your space. For this reason, it’s a good idea to make sure that you work with professionals who can create a custom design that perfectly meets your needs and exceeds your expectations.