• When planning a nursery, most parents automatically spend the most time thinking about a crib for their new baby. This makes sense, as babies spend a lot of time sleeping and need to be in a safe location where they can’t be injured and where they will be comfortable. Baby cribs New York are some of the most gorgeous and functional pieces of furniture that you can buy. Not only do these cribs look amazing, but they offer a whole host of benefits to the family and to the parents, especially when they are designed and made by a high-quality company such as ducduc. Choosing to work with an exceptional furniture company ensures that the crib you buy will exceed your expectations.

    Keeping Baby Safe

    The primary goal of a crib is to keep a baby safe, but this goes above and beyond simply ensuring that the baby can’t fall out of the crib or get stuck between the slats. Safety measures that parents will want to consider looking for also include the use of low-voc finishes that are water based and nontoxic so that the child isn’t in any danger due to the paint used. Additionally, a safe crib will also have different mattress heights to choose from so that there isn’t any concern over the baby trying to climb and then fall out of the crib.

    Completing the Nursery

    Cribs can be used for more than just sleeping, as long as you purchase a crib that does double duty. Cribs with built-in storage in the forms of shelves or drawers are beneficial to families who need to be able to store clothing, diapers, and toys. This is great for smaller nurseries that simply don’t have enough room for additional pieces of furniture, such as a chest of drawers. Keeping everything close by the crib ensures fast diaper changes, when necessary, and also provides a great place to store blankets and other necessary items.

    Looking to the Future

    Cribs should grow with your child, allowing you to use them for longer periods of time, which is why parents often look for ones that can be used with a toddler rail. This prevents the parent from having to buy a new bed right away as their child gets a little older. Additionally, high-quality custom cribs can easily become heirloom pieces. These cribs are great to store until a later time when there are more babies in the family. Because they are made from solid hardwood and high-quality hardware, they are built to last for years to come.

    While a lot goes into choose a crib, it’s easy to see why this is such an important decision. A great crib is more than just a safe place for a baby to sleep – it is also perfect for storage and for passing down to a new generation in the future. For these reasons, parents need to make sure that they buy high-quality cribs that are safe and are built to last and to look great for years to come.